Homes built to stand and perform for generations to come

Sustainable Practices for Home Building We are
Committed to

  • Optimizing the use of the Sun through passive and active means.
  • Preservation of existing Homes with High Performance Renovations.
  • Simplified Designs for New Homes and Additions.
  • Efficient use of square footage to reduce overall Heating and Cooling Load of your Home.
  • Construction Waste Management / Recycling.
  • Efficient Framing Techniques to minimize waste.
  • Air Sealing and Moisture Control.
  • Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV's/ERV's) to regulate indoor air quality.
  • In-Line Product Durability (i.e. 50 yr. roof in-line with 50 yr. siding).
  • Use Highly Durable Products suited for Local Environments (i.e. long winters, exposed building sites, etc.).
  • Knowledge and Experience in using Products and Systems, to ensure durability and efficiency.
  • Make use of Renewable Sources of Energy.
  • Build Low Maintenance Homes in conjunction with creating a well designed Maintenance Program.

Green Products We Strive to Incorporate in Home Building

  • Renewable Materials (Wood, Natural Linoleum, Cork, Bamboo).
  • Certified Source Lumber (FSC - Forest Stewardship Council, SFI - Sustainable Forestry Initiative).
  • Products with a high recycled content (Cellulose Insulation, Composite Decking, Glass Tile, etc).
  • Reclaimed Materials / Salvaged Products (Lumber, Glass, Metal, etc.).
  • Extremely Durable Products (Concrete, Naturally Treated Wood, Rot Resistant Wood Species).
  • High Performance Windows and Doors.
  • Super Insulation (SIPS - Structurally Insulated Panels, Dense Pack Cellulose, Spray Foam Insulation).
  • Locally Sourced Products. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Paints and Adhesives.
  • Rain Screens to control moisture and increase durability of exterior siding.
  • High Efficiency Heating and Cooling systems.
  • Appliances that minimize Water and Energy Use.

Benefits to Building High Performance Homes

  • Improved indoor air quality that creates a safer living environment.
  • Increased level of comfort throughout every season.
  • Decreased cost of ownership through minimized maintenance.
  • Decreased heating and cooling requirements.
  • Increased energy independence.
  • Improved durability and longevity.
  • Increased level of understanding around your homes ‘systems’.
  • Heightened drive to live more consciously in all walks of life.
  • Education of future generations through exposure to a new ‘Built Environment’.
  • Real opportunity for supporting ‘The Green Movement’.
  • Increased ‘Feel Good Factor’ in day to day living.
  • Taking full advantage of the most ‘up to date’ technology available.