Hear What Others Have to Say.

"You really know your home is special..."

"You really know your home is special when someone else in the building trades walks in, looks around, and says "Wow!". Not because the house is big or fancy but because they are impressed by what they see - quality and attention to detail. This happens quite often in our Eco Sound built home. When we first met Roger Korpi we asked if we could see one of the homes he had built. He took us to a beautiful home and this form of craftsmanship immediately struck us. There was an amazing fireplace, crafted from hand selected fieldstone. The hardwood floor was finely coped and followed the natural contour of the stone with exacting detail. Roger didn't point this out to us but it's something we noticed. He smiled and nodded, knowing immediately that we appreciated the care that went into that small detail.

As we built our home, our friends thought we were crazy to coordinate construction on our New Hampshire lake house from our primary residence in Seattle. The Eco Sound team made it easy. When we had design decisions they provided great alternatives and gave us opinions on structural, cost, maintenance and aesthetic aspects. They always let us make the final decision though. The Eco Sound team never pushed us towards something that was easier for them. They knew they were building a home for us and worked closely with us to incorporate the elements we wanted. We couldn't be more pleased with the result. Our home was completed in 2004 and welcomes us year round. We were so impressed with our first experience that we hired Eco Sound Builders again to build a barn and workshop on the property which was finished in the summer of 2010."
-David & Marcia Campbell

"... integrity and commitment to the client."

"Ethan is a masterful builder. I have had the pleasure to work with him on numerous occasions where he built custom buildings for me in unusual circumstances and on challenging sites. The results, and the process, of working with Ethan to complete a building always exceed expectations - it is truly a pleasure. In addition to the highest level of skill as a carpenter and construction manager, perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of working with Ethan is his integrity and commitment to the client. You could be next door or a thousand miles away and know the job was being done properly. I can't recommend Eco Sound Builders and Ethan more highly and I am looking forward to my next opportunity to work with them."
-Jack Kenworthy

"... their quality of workmanship is outstanding."

"I had the pleasure of working with Eco-Sound Builders on two home renovation projects. Their patience, diligence and professionalism are unsurpassed; their quality of workmanship is outstanding. I was so impressed with their attention to detail and emphasis on good client-contractor communication. It is such a relief to finally find a builder that has integrity and a superior work ethic. Looking forward to more projects in the future!"
-Roni Slavin Pekins

"We highly recommend Eco Sound..."

"Roger, Ethan and the Eco Sound team did a masterful job of giving a 200-year old former Inn a new life. They managed to walk the delicate balance between historic preservation and modern functionality. This challenging job required everything from painstakingly replacing internal systems to creating a kitchen that looks like it has always been there. No detail was deemed unimportant. Whether it was the historic nails used on the new wide pine flooring or reusing old doors. Adding to the challenge was the simple fact, we were living in part of the house during the entire project. It was humbling that the construction zone was usually tidier than where we were living. Equally important to the quality is that when we ran into unforeseen issues, there was always great creativity brought to bear on the problem. In historic preservation that is essential. We highly recommend Eco Sound."
-Elonide Semmes