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About Us

Our History

Third-generation builder Ethan Korpi got his start working alongside his father, Roger, who spent more than 50 years building residential homes and timber frame barns in the Lakes and White Mountains region of New Hampshire. Roger remodeled the family home, a 19th-century log cabin in Tamworth, while his family was living there, teaching young Ethan the value of restoring old homes to meet modern standards of performance.

In 2007, father and son joined forces to create Eco Sound Builders. By that time, Ethan had moved to the Seacoast New Hampshire area, where he crossed paths with Pete Robie, another experienced builder who remembers tagging along with his own father as a boy, when the elder Robie directed renovations of old mill buildings and other historic structures in downtown Exeter.

After working together on several projects, Pete and Ethan officially launched the southern branch of Eco Sound in 2009. With a shared dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and environmental responsibility, as well as a shared connection to the Seacoast region and its rich history, their mission is to build durable, sustainable high performance custom homes that honor the values and goals of their clients while limiting negative impact on the planet.

Our Network

Our clients benefit not only from our expertise and experience, but the expertise and experience of a network of trusted subcontractors whose dedication and commitment to their craft meets the high level we require from ourselves. Just like us, the local companies, craftspeople, and artisans we rely on treat the building of each home as if it were their own.

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